Grant VortexAir Hybrid Range

Our innovative VortexBlue oil-fired boiler range combined with an Aerona3 heat pump, specifically designed for new builds and retrofit installations.

VortexAir Hybrid

The VortexAir combines Grant’s innovative VortexBlue oil-fired boiler with an Aerona³ inverter driven heat pump. This unique hybrid combines the trusted attributes of the VortexBlue with the green advantage of an Aerona³ providing a renewable solution to boiler replacements.

This revolutionary product is the latest range of innovative heating technology to be developed by Grant. The VortexAir gives the householder a choice of fuels so that the best of both worlds can be benefited from. This hybrid offers a greener alternative to boiler replacements and new builds, helping to futureproof against unknown energy costs by coupling a 16kW inverter driven heat pump with a high efficiency blue flame oil boiler (available in outputs of either 15-21kW or 21-26kW).

In distress purchase situations, renewable technologies can sometimes be difficult for homeowners to have installed into their property. With the VortexAir, the boiler operates as a stand-alone unit and the heat pump can be fitted at a later date to suit the homeowner. This option creates minimal disruption to the home during installation and allows for a seamless changeover. Furthermore, the oil boiler can be installed externally alongside the heat pump or internally allowing for greater flexibility with installation.

Operating Modes

The Grant VortexAir hybrid has been designed to maximise overall system efficiency with the use of an advanced control system. Automatically monitoring the system temperatures, the unit will seamlessly switch to the most effective heating mode, whether that be heat pump, oil, or a combination of both.

The four unique operating modes incorporated into the Grant VortexAir’s controller are as follows:

  • Mode 1 – Heat Pump only at lower flow temperatures between 35°C – 55°C for space heating (DHW fixed at 60°C)
  • Mode 2 – Heat Pump and Oil Boiler combined at lower flow temperatures between 40°C – 50°C
  • Mode 3 – Heat Pump and Oil Boiler combined at higher flow temperatures up to 70°C
  • Mode 4 – Oil Boiler with higher flow temperatures up to 70°C and little Heat Pump contribution
  • Designed by Grant
  • 16kW unit ASHP combined with a 15-21kW or 21-26kW blue flame oil boiler
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Boiler and heat pump can be installed separately
  • Boiler can work as a stand-alone unit and can be installed internally or externally
  • Heat pump is always fitted externally
  • Householder always has back-up heating
  • Incorporates the latest Grant Aerona³ heat pump and blue flame technology
  • Option to manually switch between hybrid and oil
  • Meter ready, fully pre-plumbed and wired
  • Heat pump eligible for the RHI
  • Heat pump ErP rating A++
  • Oil boiler ErP rating A
  • Part L Compliance

Installation of the hybrid unit requires an installer who is both competent in the installation of oil fired boilers (preferably a registered oil installer, e.g. OFTEC registered or similar) and also able to install an air source heat pump. Grant strongly recommends that any installer intending to fit a VortexAir Hybrid should first attend a Grant training course.

Servicing should be carried out annually by a qualified heating engineer. During servicing it is important for the engineer to ensure that the evaporator matrix is clear of debris as any build up could significantly affect the performance of the heat pump.

Installer Guide

Part Codes

When installing the Grant VortexAir as a single unit, with the oil boiler combined with the heat pump externally, the product part code would either be HPIDAIR (15/21kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler and 16kW Heat Pump) or HPIDAIR2 (21/26kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler and 16kW Heat Pump).

When installing the Grant VortexAir as a two-stage installation fitting the boiler first followed by the heat pump, the part code for the VortexBlue boiler would either be VTXBFAIR (15/21kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler) or VTXBFAIR2 (21/26kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler). The product part code for the heat pump is HPID16.

Product Information

(Heat Pump)
(Oil Boiler)
HPIDAIR GRANT VortexAir 15/21kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler and 16kW Heat Pump Hybrid 280 1420 1790 (exc. flue terminal) 471/370 A++ A Download
HPIDAIR2 GRANT VortexAir 21/26kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler and 16kW Heat Pump Hybrid 282 1420 1790 (exc. flue terminal) 471/370 A++ A Download

Find the right Heat Pump for you

If you are considering installing a Grant Aerona3 ASHP/VortexAir oil hybrid, email the plans and xml file of the project through to We will then let you know which model would best suit the project. This service is free of charge.


Grant Engineering Ireland ULC guarantees the manufacture of the Aerona³ air source heat pump (including all electrical and mechanical components) for a period of five years, provided that the air source heat pump has been installed in full accordance with the installation and servicing instructions issued.

The heat pump must be serviced annually. The guarantee is two years parts and labour, with the following 3 years parts only.

The installer of the air source heat pump must have attended the product training course in Grant Engineering.

After sales service

For peace of mind, all Grant Aerona3 heat pumps are backed by Grant’s comprehensive service operation and in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, your installer should telephone our Customer Service Department on: +353 (0)579120089